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In 2019, together with his good friends Ian Kirton and Hannah Ducharme, Craig established the agency Ryder Management.

Ryder Management are a fresh, proactive agency with traditional values. Above all else they always aim to be approachable, reliable and positive!


Based in Cardiff and London, Ryder Management aim to support and nurture new talent, as well as represent an exclusive list of experienced actors.


Ryder Management pride themselves on having personal relationships with every client and they understand the importance of a ‘teamwork’ philosophy; to be able to work towards a career plan that has been mutually agreed by both client and agent.


Ryder Management represents a small and select client list, to ensure a personal level of representation.

Craig believes that it is his experience of the industry, alongside his knowledge and passion for the arts, that will continue to drive Ryder Management forward.


His advice - "Simply, be nice and try to remain positive."

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